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Insulation and Your Health

Trust Tempco with your insulation needs.

Insulation is seldom discussed but is crucial to the well-being, comfort, and protection of a family. Often, the original insulation installed will last for many years. But sometimes, problems happen, such as:

▪ Older homes that have insulation that is hazardous to the family’s health.
▪ Leaks in the roof of the house have damaged the existing insulation.
▪ There are times when the insulation material is not compatible with modern electrical lighting in the ceiling it is covering.
▪ Some builders have erroneously vented exhausts to the attic space. Humid exhaust air gets trapped in your insulation, thereby ruining it.
▪ The insulation installation was inadequate
▪ Owners may want to use the attic for storage or an extra room.
▪ According to many experts, any home over five years old needs to have its insulation evaluated.

Give Tempco a call and find out how our trusted team can help fill your home or business’ insulation needs.

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