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At Tempco Insulation, we are fully insured with general liability, workers compensation, umbrella, and auto insurance. We have teamed up with Amerisure Insurance Company, and we're glad they've got us covered.

Many companies and individuals can offer low cost insulation services by skipping the insurance. But if one of their employees gets hurt while on your job site, then you're suddenly stuck with the bill. Tempco won't let that happen. By insuring our employees on your job sites, we are protecting you from any possible unintended situation due to an unforeseen injury or accident.

Tempco is not a one man operation. And we're not the guys who started up a year ago. We have been installing insulation since 1977. Our team operates in a proffesional and efficient way, and we've set industry standards in Northeast Louisiana. Tempco Insulation does not sacrifice quality, and we do not put you and your business at risk to save money. As a contractor, producing good quality homes ensures our job security. Insulating them correctly and without incident ensures we'll both be around for the next job.

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